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The Teacher's Teachers
Besides the numerous shows that Susana has presented and performed in, she has diligently kept abreast of developments in the tango dance world. Since 1986, Susana has been cultivating an ever increasing knowledge base of Tango's techniques.

Since 1997 Susana has made frequent visits to the Rio de la Plata Region - tango's birth place - submerging herself into tango through private and group instruction, and attending Milongas (social tango-dance halls). Please take the time to examine the impressive list of world renown tango dancers and teachers, Susana has taken instruction from.

Private Lessons from:
  • Graciela Gonzalez
  • Miguel Angel Zotto
  • Lorena Ermocida (partner of Osvaldo Zotto)
  • Rodolpho Dinzel
  • Miguel Angel Pla
  • Fabian Salas
  • Carlos Gavito
  • Sabrina & Ruben Veliz
  • Gisela Natoli & Gustavo Rosas
  • Angel Coria
  • Daniela Arcuri & Armando Orzuza
  • Nito & Elba Garcia
  • Daniela Arcuri & Armando Orzuza
  • Oscar Caligari
  • Wouter Brave
  • Christina Nieves
  • Dante & Christina Montero

Group Lessons from:
  • Juan Carlos Copes & Maria Nieves
  • Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Ermocida
  • Gustavo Naveira
  • Pupi Costello & Graciela Gonzalez
  • Mora and Horacio Godoy
  • Julio Balmaceda and Corina de le Rosa
  • Jorje Firpo & Aurora Lubiz
  • Carlos Gavito
  • Nito and Elba Garcia
  • Fabian Salas
  • Mariela Franganillo
  • Mariano 'Chicho' Frumboli
  • Horacio Godoy & Valencia Batiuk
  • Wouter Brave
  • Celia Blanco
  • Stella Barba
  • Jose Garofalo
  • Alberto Sendra
  • Norma Gomez Tomasi
  • Olga Besio with Federico & Ariana Naveira
  • Marcelo Varela & Analia Vega
  • Susana Miller

She's Performed Tango demonstrations in Vancouver with:
  • Fabian Salas (The Tango Lesson)
  • Carlos Gavito (Forever Tango)
  • Nito Garcia (Forever Tango)
  • Miguel Angel Pla (Orchestra National de Tango de Buenos Aries)

She's organized workshops in Vancouver for:

Carlos Gavito, Mariella Franganillo; Daniela y Armando; Susana Miller; Nito y Elba Garcia; Fabian Salas and Miguel Angel Pla