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Tango Course Registration

Enrollments accepted until course fills (1st come, 1st served in order of payment dates).
  1. Submit this Tango Registration Form below, clicking to choose payment option.
  2. When payment in full is received, your place will be confirmed with an email receipt.
Tango Registration Form
Full name
First  Last
Email address
Phone number
Day Night
 (click box) Register me for:
Level 2 Tango 10 Tuesdays 8:30-10pm Jan. 2-Mar. 6/18
Level 2 Tango 10 Thursdays 7-8:25pm Jan. 4-Mar. 8/18
Level 3 Tango 10 Tuesdays 7-8:25pm Jan. 2-Mar. 6/18

                  (click one) Payment Method:
please charge the fee on Nov.30 to the same
     credit card used for my last course
I will eTransfer the funds to Susana Domingues
     email: susana@salsavancouver.com
I will call with credit card payment
   (must click this box) I agree to the following:
      * No refunds, credits or deferrals for withdrawals or
        missed classes.
      * Course enrollments are non-transferable.
      * I release Susana Domingues of any claims and
         I will sign a waiver as such.
      * Everyone, no exceptions, switches partners at class
QUESTIONS?   refer to FAQ page or email: susana@tangovancouver.com